Offshore & automatisation are in our veins


Service and supply of electrical installations for seagoing vessels and offshore application.

From engineering,  construction  drawings,  miles of cabling  and wiring  throughout the vessel, 

to the navigation  and alarm systems. Deepsea & Offshore Services connects all electrical systems. 

But we continuously ask the same question: can we do it smarter and more efficiently? 

We keep looking for smart routes for our cabling. Cables contain  copper, are costly and very heavy. Every pound of cable reduced increases the cargo you can carry. 

The challenge is also to develop good solutions in both aesthetics and ergonomics.

We developed an "Activity Centre" for the crews' cabins and mess, where all the switches and functions can come together. 

It offers many advantages in efficiency and can save a lot of time. the carpenter  can  pull all the cables through  the hole and doesn't  need to wait  for the electrician. 

Having all functions on one dasboard  makes it  much easier. All functions are brought together on the main 

switchboard, negating the need to install little  boxes throughout the engine room. 

In summary, we realize savings in both space and system benefits, and it creates a more pleasant working environment. The best solutions are where you kill two  birds  with  one stone. 

Turnkey solutions

By offering turnkey solutions, we strives to completely unburden its customers: from the start of a project, the design, the assembly, the installation to the commissioning. As a brand independent system integrator, we prefer to be involved from the start to the end in your project. Our specialized teams with skilled engineers work together with you on optimal turnkey solutions. Of course our after-sales colleagues will remain involved in the project after that time. And even after delivery you can contact us for service and maintenance such as overhaul, wrapping and balancing.


Are you looking for a total solution in the field of electric drive and control technology; We deliver creative, innovative customized solutions. We prefer to be involved from design to delivery of a project. Our hardware and software engineers prefer to work with reputable brands. Efficiency and cost control are the red line in our approach. Our teams specialize in electrical and software engineering, panel construction, installation, commissioning and service.


The advantages at a glance:

- fixed point of contact

- tailored advice

- supervision from design to installation

- specialized & skilled team

- Professional drawings with Eplan

- Electrical Cabinets


- Circuit breakers


- Start-Stop systems


- Pump systems


- Pumps under classification. all capacities and dimentions.

- workshop in the port of Antwerp on the leftbank of the river Scheldt.